Re: Ali Condemns Obasanjo’s Reforms 


Re: Ali Condemns Obasanjo’s Reforms 

July 4, 2007

Press Statement 

Re: Ali Condemns Obasanjo’s Reforms 

Our attention has been drawn to several misleading headlines in most Nigerian Newspapers of Wednesday, 4th of July 2007 where it has been widely reported that the National Chairman of the PDP, Senator Dr. Amadu Ali, GCON condemned the reform programme of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The purported condemnation was said to have occurred at the fellowship investiture ceremony on the National Chairman by Economics Institute at the PDP National Secretariat.

At no time during Senator Ali’s remarks was the well thought out privatization programme of the immediate past PDP administration criticized. We are currently enjoying the benefits of privatization which has resulted in unprecedented growth of our economy. What the National Chairman emphasized on, and which has been twisted to suit the mindset of some mischief makers is the need to preserve our National heritage which our unity schools represent. This position formed part of the resolutions of the PDP at the last policy retreat held between the 18th and 19th May 2007.

The National Chairman also harped on the need to sustain subsidy on agriculture as a means of boosting productivity and creating employment for majority of our citizens who are predominantly small scale farmers. This again is in line with the PDP manifesto and policy implementation programme. Subsidy on agriculture is also a major policy thrust of the developed nations of Europe and America. The European Union and the United States Government till today heavily subsidize agriculture by engaging in bulk buyback of products and restriction of production to avoid glut and waste. Generous tax incentives are also given to farmers.

Senator Ali’s position therefore is for subsidy on Agriculture to be maintained so that our farmers can have access to affordable farming implements to boost production. This will in effect contribute to employment generation and National Security. The land reform programme of the present administration is targeted to achieve this purpose.

The newspaper reports are totally out of context and are at variance with the submissions of Senator Ali. The National Chairman is firm on the implementation of PDP programmes and manifesto which the last PDP government headed by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo steadfastly implemented and received world acclaim.


John Odey

National Publicity Secretary


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